by Zach Ogrodny & Tron Jarrett, staff writers

Feeling lethargic and need a pick me up to get you through the week? Student life is here to help you out on every other Wednesday with Power Hour now through November 29. Stop by either the Rampart or Centennial Campus at Student Life between 11:00 a.m to noon for FREE energy drinks and coffee for an extra boost.

Power Hour will also host TWO special gatherings, both with an extra flavorful tropical theme and a goal to make an impact. The first one is to encourage support for the local community, while the other will be aimed to acknowledge our brave military with an additional fundraiser included. Dates and how PPSC plans on helping are listed below:

October 26th: Deployed Soldier Pack-a-Box – Centennial Grove Campus – 11:00 am-noon

  • Military and Veterans Program Tabling with Service Project.
  • October 1st-October 26th donation boxes will be at each Student Life Desk.

November 29th: Clean out your kitchen – Centennial Grove Campus – 11:00 am-noon

  • Community Table & Single-Stop Tabling with Service Project.
  • Cleaning out your kitchen can be canned items, dry food pantry items and cutlery, plates, kitchen appliances that are gently used.
  • November 1st-November 28th Donation boxes will be at each Student Life Desk.