By Amanda Wich

One of PPCC’s students who shines bright and stands out is Paige Crawford. Crawford is a student who works full-time, takes care of her family, and enjoys non-school related hobbies. Her teachers and fellow students know her as an overachiever and a model student.

Crawford has been a student at PPCC on and off since Summer 2010. Since starting school, she has married, moved around the country, and had a child. Crawford is looking forward to graduating in December with an Associates of Arts degree in Communication.

When she finished high school, Crawford received scholarships and acceptance into all four universities of her choice. She had the opportunity to be a traditional college student who goes straight from high school and finishes a four-year degree.

Crawford put her college education on hold to join her husband, who was also her high school sweetheart, in Germany. When he moved to Alaska, after Georgia, Crawford moved to be with him.

Crawford realized the value of a college education and came back to PPCC to finish her degree.

She says it has been “one heck of a ride” as she has spent the last two semesters of her time at PPCC pregnant as a surrogate.

She spent a semester prepping to be a surrogate which included hormone patches, injections, and doctors’ visits in Denver. The next semester was awkward for Crawford as she had to field emotionally draining questions about her pregnancy, and only sometimes explained that she was a surrogate.

Crawford received comments such as, “I could never give up my baby.” She had to reiterate that the baby was not hers. While she found the experience of surrogacy to be worth it, she said it was exhausting to do it and be a student at the same time.

Even though her school career has been a roller coaster, Crawford says, “I’m very grateful to PPCC for allowing me to further my education in the midst of a very busy life!”

After Crawford graduates, she plans to join the United States Air Force this spring as a Computer Systems Programmer.