By Camille Liptak, Staff Writer


Uh oh, looks like another retro. The most notorious retrograde transit is back, my fine young cannibals. That’s right: Mercury is heading towards a backwards revolution period starting on the 16th. And just when you thought the planets were straightening out (hello Venus direct in Libra) and you could get your essays turned in on time. On the whole, though, the last of November is abound with gainful transits. Mars enters water sign Pisces on the 15th, making goals more pliable. Mercury sits direct in Sagittarius until the 16th, synching with Jupiter in the mutable fire sign. And on the 22nd, before the full moon in Gemini, the Sun enters fire sign Sagittarius. Three planets in the fire sign adds some much needed pep to the last four weeks of the semester.


What this all means:


Mercury is the planet of the intellect and all forms of communication (speaking, writing, contracts, etc.), and rules the signs Gemini and Virgo. When it goes retrograde, it is important to take extra care in how you talk to others, as communication misfires are common–especially when the planet is in the blunt spoken sign of Sagittarius. Retrograde Rules: revise, review, and reconsider. Mechanical problems are likely to occur during the retrograde, since Mercury also rules technology and moving parts.


Jupiter is the planet of expansion, travel, and higher learning (i.e.: college); it rules fire sign Sagittarius and personal growth. This upcoming transit through Jupiter’s home sign (which lasts until December 2019) opens a big window of opportunity for all the signs, not just Sagittarius, and brings with it a surge of good cheer just in time for the holidays. Check your horoscope to see what, where, and how this planet will augment your life.




Are you still seething over people because they’re doing something that gets under your skin? Well don’t. Watch your soaring irritation, Aries. While the Scorpio Sun still sits in the fixed water sign, it’s asking you to get more familiar with your inner researcher, and see past the masks other people wear. Luckily, you must only endure this prickly period one more week before the Sun enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, joining its celestial buddies, Mercury and Jupiter. You’re feeling as though everything’s going to work out. But I’ll be blunt: it’s not! Mercury retrograde isn’t going to let things be too easy for you. As difficult as it is, try not to say what’s on your mind simply because it’s on your mind. Mars in Pisces on the 15th begins a transit of conflict avoidance and exhumes your inner detective. Find ways to make your projects come to life before the end of the year. The Gemini full moon on the 23rd should illuminate more than the sky…





Romance deepens for you, Taurus. The Sun in Scorpio still shines on your partnership area, filling you with rose-colored idealism. Do yourself a favor, and keep your practicality intact. For the next 12 months, Jupiter in Sagittarius helps you open up your resources to those partners, encouraging you to share more of yourself and possessions with those outside of you. Mars in Pisces on the 15th gives you the drive to pursue your deepest dreams (you know, the ones you’ve been too cautious to chase). The best part (and you’ll love this): you don’t really have to work that hard. Your magnetism helps you attract the right things at the right times. But you, my Bull-headed friend, need to work on being more receptive to others–those aforementioned planets should help with this. The last Mercury retrograde of 2018 doesn’t have to be messy. Venus direct in Libra smooths out any disagreements you’ve had with your coworkers and peers. On the 23rd, the Gemini full moon introduces a new lucrative creative outlet.




You’re hooked on finishing everything before your ruling planet goes retrograde on the 16th. Don’t be too hasty, Gemini, (the transit lasts until December 6th). And please don’t play the trickster during this Mercury retrograde. Instead, focus your fickleness on your creative projects, when Venus turns direct in Libra.There are plenty of other positive planetary movements that help you keep your momentum, well, moving. Scorpio season continues to illuminate ways for you to transform your daily work life. That is, you’re better equipped to organize the chaos that has become of your habits, health, and daily routine. (Or you should be, anyway.) Jupiter in Sagittarius brings some luck to your partnerships and publishing pursuits for the forthcoming year. On the 15th, Mars enters Pisces, placing the action planet in your career zone. The imagination of Pisces propels your creative drive, making you an even bigger idea machine. The full moon in your sign on the 23rd works with Venus in Libra to shine a bright light on your imagination.





Before you burst into tears, Cancer, know that you’ve already imagined, worried and stressed over the worst, so let’s get it out of the way: Mercury retrograde. The mind planet hits two crucial parts of your world: daily routine and romance. And until December 6th, you might feel like you’re in a downward spiral (what with your love life, creative endeavors, diet, work environment, and sense of enjoyment on the fritz). You’re going to have redo a project you’ve postponed (out of procrastination) or rework it. Other than that… Mars in Pisces will buoy your spirits somewhat, and bring you the momentum you (desperately) need to face the Mercury obstacles. Trust your gut and your imagination, they’re your Northern Lights during this holiday season. Jupiter in Sagittarius expands your work responsibilities, and maybe even brings with it a long-distance trip (or two). Though a hermit by nature, try not to hole yourself away. Instead, let the full moon in Gemini on the 23rd coax you out of your shell.




Get ready for some fun, Leo. The end of Scorpio season means an end to (what felt like) an eternity of grumbling, angst, and petty family squabbles. With Jupiter sitting pretty in Sagittarius, your legendary joie de vivre is back with a vengeance. That is, until the 16th, when Mercury goes retrograde. Expect a few misfires between you and your crush, your muse, or whatever brings you childlike enjoyment. It won’t be bad if you watch what you say and how you say it. Yes, even Kings and Queens must mind their tongues every now and then. Come December 6th, you can shower the peasants with a strong cup of T-R-U-T-H and get back to ruling unencumbered. Let Venus in Libra steady your creative footing, and Mars in Pisces encourage you to get in touch with your intuition (it’ll power your resourcefulness). Take advantage of the full moon in Gemini, and network, so you can get back to doing what you do best: making people jealous-uh, I mean, excelling.




Now is the time, Virgo, to–figuratively–get the muck and mold out of your home (and life). Ruling planet, Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th. As an earth sign, you prefer to keep grounded, but this Mercury retro has you feeling like a navel-gazing gypsy: Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing with my life? Before you get yourself too worked up and worried with your existential crisis (since you’re a bundle of anxious self-criticism 99.9% of the time), know this: Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius should help buoy your self-exploration. I say should because, ultimately, the choice to be positive or negative about yourself falls, not on the planets, but on your shoulders (just like the weight of the world). Mars in Pisces shifts some of your energy to matters of relating. How can you be more compassionate in your dealings with others? Hint: unify instead of nitpick, and find common ground. The Gemini full moon ushers in affirmative recognition at work or for your writing.




Venus in Libra, Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius work in tandem to bring you back to your flirty, joyful self. Venus and Jupiter rule the respective signs they are transiting, which means expansion and creativity peak for you. That is, until Mercury goes retrograde and Mars enters in Pisces. The latter transit isn’t as adverse as the former, but it will bring some fuzziness to your daily work life and make you more indecisive. The key–and you really should heed this, LIbra–is to not let the opinions or wants of others influence your decisions. Trust your inner voice, slow down, and be sensible. Oddly enough, this advice works for Mercury retrograde as well. Selfish wants can masquerade as justified needs for only so long. In other words, don’t be a hypocrite this holiday season. Watch what you say and spend, and how you say and spend it– you may just be buying and speaking for yourself. The Gemini full moon encourages conversations about, and culmination for a publishing or communication project.






Don’t tell the rest of the zodiac, but you might be having the best November out of the lot. The Sun and Jupiter exit your sign and enter Sagittarius, shifting your focus to money matters and self-worth. Though already magnetic by nature, these transits draw even more people and opportunities to you. Your income may rise, but so too, could your expenses (thanks, Mercury retrograde). Likewise, your confidence surges upwards, should you and plunge into and explore your inner resources (i.e.: talents) and find ways to make them profitable. Curiously, the Gemini full moon calls you to collaborate with others, using these talents. Mars in Pisces lights a fire in you, which you haven’t felt in awhile. Suddenly, both your intuition and passion are heightened. You will enthusiastically return to explore and forge a creative project that fell by the wayside during Venus retrograde (can you say postponed research project that is past due?). Above all else, now is the time to make a determined effort towards enjoying yourself.





You’ve waited long enough, Sagg. Expansion is here: Jupiter in Sagittarius, Sun in Sagittarius, and Mercury in Sagittarius–this is your time to shine, my fiery friend. Soak in the praise while you can, before the world starts bad mouthing your sign during the Mercury retrograde. Though you’ll feel exalted by all of the good vibes, try not to get too self-righteous or loose-lipped. Everybody knows you struggle with tact. Do yourself a favor, and just don’t say anything until Mercury turns direct in December. Venus in Libra showers you with the charm you need to smoothly navigate your active social life (and this rocky retrograde). Imaginative as it may be, Mars in Pisces transit on the 15th could cloud your otherwise targeted approach to goals, drawing your attention to matters related to your homelife and family. This transit also encourages you to be more fluid, more thoughtful, and less hasty. The Gemini full moon on the 23rd marks the culmination of a project or partnership you’ve been stressing over.




Still, holding that grudge? Well, Capricorn, you may fool others, but the planets know what’s up. The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Sagittarius are swimming in your unconscious, like a U-boat, waiting to launch you into Capricorn season. But that’s another month away. Mercury retrograde is on the immediate horizon, bringing back those aforementioned unresolved issues from the past. Those resurfacings needn’t be wholly negative (knowing you, though, they will be). Mostly, they are a second chance to delve into the powers and secret skills you’ve disowned, and rediscover your capacity for healing. Mars in Pisces helps with this, as the imaginative sign and action planet inspires you to use your creativity as a means of communication. Short trips, siblings, and some solitude give you the inspiration you need to develop your ideas. Venus direct in Libra brings balance back to your workplace, and mellows out any lingering malignancy. And the Gemini full moon greenlights a project and/or changes your schedule, which allows more time for writing.




Notice, if you’ve read the other horoscopes, the patterns among the signs? Of course you did, Aquarius, because you always try to find the repeated design of life. Thankfully, The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Sagittarius boost your ability to see the bigger picture. Your worldview might get shaken up big time, as you, literally, find yourself whilst getting lost (yes, it’s a platitude, but it fits the theme). Be mindful not to get too lost in translation, though. Mercury retrograde almost guarantees a squabble or two between you and your friends. Precise, polite communication is advised. Mars in the Pisces motivates you in a way similar to Scorpio: you want to use your talents to make some money. Flashes of insight, curious hunches, and/or peculiar dreams might point you in the direction of how. Venus in Libra puts the wind under your creative and social sails. The full moon in Gemini will have you feeling like a kid again. Spend it in a state of relaxation and enjoyment.




I said Scorpio was having the best month, but I lied. You, Pisces, are primed for a five star two weeks. The Sagittarius Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter bring leagues of abundance to your professional pursuits. A change in career, a business trip, or possibly a pay raise could result from these transits. Mercury retrograde may muddy the otherwise rosy pool of prosperity. In order to navigate the turbulent waves of the transit, don’t start anything new or wade into uncharted waters. Swim upstream to complete what’s already underway, and keep the channels of communication unstopped. Mars in your sign gives you the energy you need to float through the rest of the year. (Are you sick of the watery language yet? I’m not.) Though you may feel like you’re treading water instead of splashing around during the Mercury retrograde, don’t worry, you won’t sink. Mars in Pisces and Venus in Libra are your life preservers. Surrounded by friends and family at home, you’ll feel like a guppy on the Gemini full moon.