by Rocky Brewer


Diabetic Sensors/Glucose Monitors

Diabetic Sensors, otherwise known as Glucose Monitors. This topic interests me as my own Grandfather makes use of such a device in order to remain happy, healthy and safe. Without, he’d be at risk for both a terrible Quality Of Life, as well as death.

Devices that Connect to a Sensor

  • The One Touch Meter
  • The Insulin Pump
  • Your Doctor’s Phone
  • A Controller of some kind


These Devices do a very important, yet basic function. Most take a sample of the blood, convert that information into data that can be read by a machine and then transmits said data, to another device, either a reader to display blood sugar levels, or in some cases straight to the Doctor’s office.

Hackers can indeed subvert these devices as they are wireless in nature. They do not require a direct point of access as a result. In the past, the Cybersecurity for these Devices was incredibly poor, but even as they’ve been improved, some issues do remain.


There’s an entire group of people out there dedicated to hacking their own Glucose Monitors in order to get more data out of them. Which means the patients themselves can easily hack their own devices and possibly put themselves at risk.


What can we all learn from the Security of Devices such as these and why do they matter?

These Devices are integral to the life and safety of the people who use them. A Glucose Monitor gives important data, and in some cases administer insulin, that if not correct, can put the person’s life at risk, especially if intentionally sabotaged to give incorrect data or to administer insulin when not needed.
We can also learn how to better secure other devices through this Monitor, such as Wireless Access Points and the sorts, anything that relies on wireless.

These Monitors mean a lot to the people using them and if they were ever to be compromised, it would ruin their Quality Of Life, so steps need to be taken to safeguard them, as some devices have security that isn’t up to modern standards.

With that in mind, if you know a family or friend using a Glucose Monitor, make sure they take proper care of it and that the device itself is secure.

There’s always a need for Cybersecurity, especially if you’re reliant on devices such as this to keep you living a comfortable life.