by Tori Stephens, staff writer

2021 by Richard Seldomridge

The Learning Commons (LC) provides free tutoring services, library resources, research assistance, technology access, and academic support for the PPCC community at large.

“One of my favorite things about the Learning Commons is that we have a variety of people who work here, who are all working at supporting you academically,” Gabriela Martinez, an LC Coordinator, said.

The LC offers a network of information and expertise to help in any student project.

Matthew Valdez, an LC archivist, says “reference librarians can help students find sources for research papers and assignments. We have huge collections of scholarly and credible material in a variety of formats including digital journal articles, books, eBooks, interactive tools and more.”

In addition to academic help, visitors can find other resources and regular library services. “We are a community college library, and in that way, we also have a mission to serve community members in a similar way to the public library. We have fiction books, DVDs, audiobooks, state park passes, to name a few,” Martinez said.

Students who visit the LC frequently take advantage of the study spaces. One student, Dannia, said: “I like having a quiet place to study.” Another, Kameron, said: “The furniture is nice, the computers work, and it is a quiet place to study.”

The LC was designed for comfort, ease, and support. Students are welcome to use the spaces to study and the computer technology to work or print. Additionally, students can get help with any assignment—to include help with citations.

“Whether your assignment calls for peer-reviewed sources, primary sources, or just credible supporting evidence, librarians in the Reference Center can help you locate what you need.  We can also assist you with properly citing your sources,” Valdez said.

The LC is located on the second floor across from the Grove at Centennial Campus and above the Bookstore at Rampart Range.