By Devon Martinez, Student Editor

The Paper staff is excited to be back for Spring, 2019, and despite having fewer writers this term, we are still engaged in attempting to tell your story.

Like Spring itself, we are undergoing rebirth, working out the kinks in our ever-morphing program.

We are dedicated to bringing you great content, if less of it this semester. Despite some changes to the format, (we won’t be publishing as much or as often) you can still count on finding stories you want to read, and we’ll let you know through campus email and our submission links when new stories are published.

The Paper’s goal for this semester is to engage with our readers more than we have in the past. The reason for our existence is to get your story out, and to ensure that The Paper works for everyone we want to hear your feedback.

If you have any important stories that need to be heard or if there’s anything happening on campus you’d like to report on, feel free to send us the story through our submissions page.