The Paper’s Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Written by the Student Editors and Student reporters at the PPCC Paper

Some people prefer Turkey, while others find it unbearable. Sometimes people skip dinner and go straight towards the desert. No matter what someone chooses to eat, everyone can agree the food makes the day something everyone looks forward to.

The battle over what’s the best food to eat at Thanksgiving is alive and well this year, as it is every year. A recent poll conducted by the Harris Poll asked over 2,000 people what is their least favorite food, and Cranberry Sauce won.

Here are the favorite foods of everyone at the Paper.

Joe Barton, Student Editor:

Barton hates pumpkin pie, at his house on thanksgiving someone can count on Sweet Potato Pie to be on the menu. According to him, it’s just a preference. His favorite is Candied Yams. 

Brian Ruminski, Student Reporter 

Ruminiski’s piles green bean casserole on his plate, along with everything. He agrees with the poll, because cranberry sauce disgusts him. 

Vivien Jerez, Student Reporter

Jerez prefers cranberry salad because it provides the perfect amount of sweet and salty. It’s made with fresh cranberries, marshmallows, and whipped cream. The salad also tastes great with mashed potatoes, turkey, Hawaiian rolls, etc… She can’t stand sweet potatoes, mainly due to the weird texture, and that it feels sweeter than expected. 

Stewart Ricker, Student Reporter 

Ricker disagrees with the survey and believes cranberry sauce is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. He believes it takes virtually zero preparation time which places less stress on the cook. Secondly, it complements the various courses of the traditional Thanksgiving meal while also upholding the seasonal flavors. Ricker didn’t comment on what he doesn’t like to eat on Thanksgiving.

Jacob Adams, Student Editor 

Adams prefers mashed potatoes and peas because they are perfect for the barbarians who turn their plate into a melting pot of food. They can and are used to fill bread rolls, or they can be covered in gravy, and are perfect with anything else on the plate.

Jarett Cruz, Student Reporter 

It’s hard to find one person who doesn’t like macaroni and cheese, and for Cruz, there is nothing better on Thanksgiving. But he would like it if someone would hold on to the stuffing because he’s not interested in it.

Kirk Bundy, Student Reporter 

Bundy argues that gravy is a dish, and it’s the best dish at thanksgiving. In his own words its: thick, creamy, savory and delicious, as they say, “Praise the Lord and pass the Gravy!” His least favorite dish is the sweet potato casserole. Why? Because he thinks it’s gross. 

Devon Martinez, Student Editor:

Martinez is about sweets. He can’t wait until dinner is over with, so he can have whipped cream with his pumpkin pie. This is the only day of the year he has the treat. Green beans are his least favorite because, by itself, it’s not that great. It only tastes great with gravy or mashed potatoes.