By Ciara Pack Reporter and Jake Altinger News Editor

Valentine’s Day can be a dark day for singles, especially here at PPCC.

Many students choose to block it out and pretend like it’s just another day, because why suffer when you don’t have to?

Olivia Thomas is single and does not like to treat the day as a holiday. She says she acts like it as just another regular day and doesn’t do anything to celebrate.

Robert Asbury isn’t very optimistic about the holiday, either. Asbury said he won’t pay much attention to all the Valentine hooplah, and will do the same things he does every day.

Others choose to treat themselves, as if they have a significant other to celebrate with.

Ben Foster said he plans on taking a long ride on his motorcycle up into the mountains to get away from the city and clear his head.

Alex Dannhaus says she likes to indulge. She buys a lot of chocolate and watches her favorite horror movies at home alone.

Runell Massie likes to keep it creative by hanging out with his guy friends.

“One year we went and saw Frozen as a group, and whenever there’s a couple’s event we pair off and go together,” Massie said.

Kelly Taylor likes to keep it low-key for Valentine’s Day. Taylor said he and his buddies don’t do anything in particular to celebrate, but like to be together. He even admits that his friends in relationships would rather hang out together than with their significant others.

Rob St. Clair is recently divorced and has some advice for other single men in his shoes.

“Don’t just sit at home feeling sorry for yourself,” St. Clair said. “Get out and party.”

Whether you’re going all out this Valentine’s with your pals, sitting at home watching movies, or going out on the town, you might be single, but you are not alone.