We are living through history. Our struggles, frustrations and triumphs may feel small and personal as we struggle to just get through another Monday. But in time, these moments will be seen through a different lens, and we’ll see the import, humor, the pathos and the courage more clearly.

We ask you to take out your phones and capture them. Chat with your mom. Interview your cat. Get your little sister to tell you a story. We want your stories. We want to be able to show how our graduates made it through the time of Covid. The focus should be on what made a difference for you. What helped you? Who inspired you to push on, through the boredom and isolation, through the transition to online classes.

Your videos (please keep them short) may be featured on social media and at our Virtual Commencement event (at 10 a.m. May 16 on PPCC-TV—Comcast channel 21, channel 78 on Falcon Broadband,  8002 on Century Link PrismTV, and the PPCC Facebook page.)

Students: Send your photos and videos here.

We also want to see short videos from our staff and faculty. What advice do you have for our graduates as they head out to this brave new world?

Staff/Faculty: Please send your photos and videos here.

Featured image by Chris Murray on Unsplash