Common voting myths often prevent people from casting in their ballots. Don’t let an old myth get in the way of using your voice. Here are some common ideas that aren’t true along with some resources for more information:

Myth 1: I can’t vote if I have a criminal record.

TRUTH: In Colorado, most people with a criminal record can vote. Check out for more information.

Myth 2: I’ll be 18 by Election Day, but too late to register to vote.

TRUTH: Colorado allows people to pre-register to vote. Check out for more information.

Myth 3: I have to vote on Election Day. (November 2, 2021)

TRUTH: Colorado permits Early Voting–15 days preceding the date of the general election and continuing to election day. This year Early Voting begins October 18 2021.  Go to the secretary of state website for a year-long election calendar.

Myth 4: National elections are the only ones that matter.

TRUTH: Local and State elections give people the opportunity to contribute to their own community. While National elections are certainly important, local involvement can affect great change. Go to New Era Colorado to read about involvement.

Myth 5: I don’t know enough about the election, and I don’t have any resources to understand.

TRUTH: PPCC is offering resources and events this year to help students and our community stay as informed as possible–without the debate! Check here at The Paper for updates on Get Out The VOTE! efforts.

Myth 6: The news is so biased, I can’t trust anything.

TRUTH: Leave the television infotainment semantics aside, and pay attention to the hard-working journalists and publications that are right here in your community. As elections develop, the following places will give you multiple perspectives on any given state/local issue:

Colorado Springs Gazette

Colorado Springs Independent

Citizens Project

League of Women Voters

The Colorado Sun