Registration is now open for the Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum until April 4th

This event is a way for you to build experiences here at the college that can benefit you at both your transfer institution and in the job market.

Steps to participate:

  1. Make a commitment to yourself and create intentional experiences for yourself.
  2. Select a topic: think about any topic you’ve either worked on in a previous class, or in a current class.
  3. Find a mentor: reach out to the professor in that class for support.
  4. Develop an abstract of your research.  You can find a book of abstracts of previous presentations here: use them as models for your abstract.
  5. Determine if you are going to give a Poster Presentation or a PowerPoint Presentation.
  6. Register with the Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum by April 4th.
  7. Prepare your presentation and talking points for April 22nd, 2023.
  8. Show up and present.