by Canaan Owens, staff writer

PPSC’s clubs have taken a significant hit in recent years due to the pandemic, and now they are hoping to draw students back in.

The college has been making an active effort to get clubs up and running to the state that they were in before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The lack of in-person or physical meetings put a major damper on the number of people who attended club meetings let alone run a club.

Even after the pandemic has mostly blown over and people have returned to in-person learning, clubs have not been able to draw in as many people as before.

Clubs also provide some unique opportunities unique to their subjects. For example, the Anthropology Club will go on field trips related to anthropology. As advisor Gwendolyn Wallen-Sena says, “we have taken museum tours and attended local conferences to learn more about anthropological research.”

Clubs can also help students further a student’s academic career by providing extracurricular experience that is relevant to their major and degree. Certain clubs even offer things such as scholarship opportunities. Phi Theta Kappa provides a list of potential scholarships, but also provides some internal scholarships.
Bella Leo, a student in Phi Theta Kappa says, “I believe that Phi Theta Kappa is a good resource for college students. They have helped many individuals by voicing opportunities, such as scholarships, that many students may not know how to find.”

Plenty of new students started attending PPSC during and after the pandemic, and thus may not be aware of the existence of clubs and may be having trouble finding that information about them.

The home page of PPSC’s website makes almost zero mentions of the club programs available besides an easily missed drop down under the student life section. The clubs page, however, does provide a handy step by step guide to starting a club.

  • Identify five other students who are willing to join along with a staff or faculty advisor for the club.
  • Create and send a constitution to the student life director. A basic constitution is available from student life.
  • Two students and the advisor must participate in training.
  • Request to be put on the Student Government’s meeting agenda and then argue why there should be a new club to the SGA, and then the SGA shall vote if the club is approved.
  • (If your club is approved) Send at least one officer to the inter club meetings every month. The schedule for these meetings has yet to be announced.

Joining a club is a different story for students. Any student can join any club with a few caveats. A few clubs require a G.P.A. minimum for students to join, such as Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, which has a G.P.A. requirement of 3.25.

Some clubs also have a membership fee that can range from one time to once a year. Luckily, most clubs seem to not have restrictions, or the restrictions have a very low bar. The PPSC website provides a list of some clubs at PPSC along with their requirements.

Also, on the website the list of club advisors is available whom students should contact if they have any questions about that specific club. You can also contact Student Life. Club meeting times may be advertised on a hallway poster at any PPSC campus, so watch out for that.

Here is a list of every club available according to the club fair list. Check with Student Life to find points of contact.

PPSC Centennial Campus (Listed on the PPSC club fair list):

  • Movie Night Club
  • The Social Work Club
  • Anthropology Club
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Global Village

PPSC Rampart Campus:

  • Movie Night Club
  • Cyber Security Club
  • Phi Theta Kappa

PPSC Downtown Campus:

  • RISE
  • Photography Club

Clubs listed at every campus:

  • AAPI Club
  • Veterans Organization
  • PPSC Volleyball Club
  • Basketball Club

Clubs at a non-specified campus:

  • Phi Beta Lambda
  • PPSC Nursing Students