by Jodi Teeples, staff writer

Winter break is over, and oh how nice it was to have a break from classes. Hopefully everyone was able to relax a bit and enjoy time with family and friends. Soon enough, the hustle and bustle of the semester will be in full swing, and some of you may be longing for the freedom of a break from school. Please remember, your brain and body make you strong. You need to take care of yourself even when the school year is busy. Here are few things you can do to make yourself a priority:


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• Stay hydrated and eat healthy food. According to Medical News Today, water is needed to lubricate your joints and can give your healthier looking skin. Your body will feel better and function better.
• News in Health states that sleep is essential for brain health and even help to keep that grouchy mood at bay. Make sure you get enough sleep at night. You will wake up refreshed. Start out with a stretch and your body will be ready for the day.
• Get some rest. This can be difficult to squeeze in with classes, schoolwork, jobs, and family responsibilities. But you must make time to rest. You don’t always need to be busy with every minute accounted for. Take fifteen minutes in the afternoon and curl up on the couch for a short power nap. This will help you to feel relaxed and refreshed. An article by Integris Health shares that giving your body rest reduces stress and anxiety and helps improve your immune health. The last thing we students need is to get sick and fall behind on schoolwork.
• Do something relaxing. Read a favorite book you haven’t made time for. Spend ten minutes doing yoga or meditation to relax the mind and body. Burn a candle and drink a cup of tea. Have you ever heard of tea meditation? Brewing a cup of green tea and listening to meditation music promotes alpha-brain wave activity, which essentially means calm, via the amino acid L-theanine. Asana Rebel has some interesting facts on the benefits of tea and meditation. Not sure what meditation music is? Hit up your Spotify account for a search.
• Get outside and breathe some fresh air. Go for a walk (take Fido with you), go for a jog, ride a bike. If the sun is shining, there is some bonus vitamin d out there. Heathline has an informative article outlining the benefits of spending time in nature.
• Do a fun activity. Go see a movie or some live music. If you like sports, try bowling or Top Golf. Take a painting or pottery class. Music and sports provide social connections, and Webmd says they help to moderate stress and boost mental health.
• Spend time with friends. Host a game night, bake cookies together, or have a cup of coffee and conversation at your favorite coffee shop. An article on CNBC’s website actually says that fun activities with friends can create happy memories that you can save and look back on when you need a smile.

This semester, remember to take care of yourself. Make sure you find a good balance between schoolwork, friends and family, and self-care. Get plenty of sleep at night, and rest throughout the day. Stay hydrated. Spend time outside in the fresh air, move your body, and find fun things to do to relax and recharge. Keep your mind and body happy and healthy.