Have you ever wondered if there was a place for students who have creativity/vision like yourself to get published?

Well, wonder no longer.

Here at PPSC we have an inclusive arts and literary journal, Parley, that invites all creative students to express themselves.

What is Parley?

Parley is a student literary and arts journal. It is a representation of the diversity and creativity of PPSC students,” says Mandy Solomon, editor-in-chief. “Parley’s main objective is to represent student talent: their voices and visions. It is published online monthly and annually in print,” she says.

In some form, the journal has been around since 2002. It first started as Almagre by then-professor-now-executive-dean Deidre Schoolcraft and Kris Akse, Multimedia Graphic Design professor. It later transformed into Parley to help include more academic work.

The journal provides an important avenue for the student voice and the student experience.

“Students who have been published strike me as proud to share their work with a larger audience,” Solomon says.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun. Students can submit their work by emailing Parley@PikesPeak.edu.

Free copies are located in the learning commons at Centennial and Rampart.