by Sa’Mya Hall, staff writer

It’s 65 degrees on a Tuesday afternoon. Allergies are in full bloom and amongst the chorus of sniffles, slight gushes of wind blow a delicious, mouthwatering aroma coming from the food trucks parked on the side of the street.

Crowds of people surround the trucks; couples sitting closely together on benches laughing and dropping food into the Styrofoam boxes in their lap, groups of friends huddling together in the patches of grass laughing in between mouthfuls, kids and dogs happily weaving throughout the crowd. Feeding customers authentic food on sunny days and evenings, food trucks are a convenient way to try new food and support small businesses.

Some local food truck favorites include: Moctezuma Mexican Grill located 5690 N. Union Blvd Monday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m., Roll Up located 301 Main St. Monday- Sunday 7 a.m.-7p.m., Filipino Food Truck located 4305 E. Platte Ave (hours of operation vary), Tripletas Yeyo Will located at 11402 Harrison Rd., and Crepes-N-Go located on 3330 N. Academy Blvd. (location sometimes changes but they are always listed on their Facebook).

Kaytriel Swisher, a customer at Crepes-N-Go said “I come here every once and a while with my girlfriend. I brought her here for our third date and she thought it was so adorable, you can’t go wrong with crepes.”

There are over 300 certified food trucks in Colorado Springs, and a lot of them will have special days to gather in one location for customers to check out.

Food truck feasts gather on 5410 E. Woodmen Rd. every Wednesday and Saturday from 11 a.m- 3 p.m. Every Tuesday food trucks gather in front of the Pioneer Museum from 11 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. starting May 17. The following trucks attending include: El Chapin, Lucy I’m home. YOLIS Kitchen, and newer licensed trucks for a total of 24 different options.

The Facebook page “719 food truck fest” has a lot of information about different mass food truck gatherings coming up. Angie Trujillo, a regular customer at Moctezuma Mexica grill said, “during the spring and summer I love coming here. It’s nice to just pull up and get a nice quick meal that isn’t fast food, you know what I mean?”

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