by Ezekiel Siegrist, staff writer

Single Stop at PPSC is the next step to developing Student Life programs for the benefit of students who may be struggling with poverty.

Single Stop has worked to create connections with Mobile Food Markets (MFM) and community tables (CT) for the sake of donating food. The PPSC Mobile Food Market partners with Southern Colorado Care and Share and Student Life to organize monthly mobile food markets open to students, staff, and community members. There are no requirements to receive food (no ID or demonstration of need). Food distribution is completed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Between the period of Jan. and Nov. 2023, Single Stop has been able to donate 62,557 pounds of food to Community Tables as well as Mobile Food Markets. The project has drawn in 30,972 CT visitors and 4,408 MFM visitors. From the months of Jul. to Nov. 2023, there were a total of 16,325 CT visitors through the program, and between September and November of last year, there were approximately 2,989 visitors at MFM events.

Coordinator Kandy Ruiz says, “Single Stop builds pathways out of poverty by leveraging partnerships and technology to connect people to existing resources, all through a unique one-stop shop.”

If you are interested in seeking information regarding Single Stop, whether it be to contribute or if you are seeking help, please reach out to schedule an appointment with Ruiz at