by Michael Sanchez, staff writer


Patricia Meredith Masterclass & Visiting Writer Spotlight

Mystery author Patricia Meredith will lead a writing workshop and masterclass on the murder-mystery genre. Meredith is an author of historical mysteries that are clean and family friendly. She is known for the Spokane Clock Tower Mysteries, Anna Katherine Green Mysteries, and the Sam Shovel Mysteries.

When: Friday, March 15 (3 pm)

Where: Downtown Commons at the Downtown Campus, Located at 100 West Pikes Peak Ave.

Meredith will return for a special evening at the Black Box Theatre, with a gallery reception, student and faculty readings, and a special presentation by the author herself.

When: Thursday, March 21, Gallery Reception (5:30 – 6 pm), Student/Faculty Readings (6 – 7 pm), Author Presentation (7 – 8 pm)

Where: Black Box Theatre at Studio West Downtown Campus, Located at 22 North Seirra Madre.


Live Performance of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express

Come see the live performance of the famed whodunit mystery Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express as adapted for the stage by Ken Ludwig and produced by PPSC’s theatre department. Students and community members are invited to come and experience the whodunit genre at the Black Box Theatre, located at PPSC Downtown Campus.

Where: Studio West Downtown Campus, located at 22 North Sierra Madre.

Performance Dates: April 11-14, 18-21

About the Story: Murder on the Orient Express is a classic whodunit starring the renowned fictional Inspector Hercule Poirot in his most popular adventure and mystery. Filled with unforgettable characters on the famous train the Orient Express as they wait for rescue to reach them after being trapped by an avalanche immediately after a passenger’s murder. Poirot must discover who the guilty party is, but each suspect has an alibi, and everyone has a motive. The clues lead from the American East to the Siberian mountains, and end in blood and snow on a railroad.

About the Director: Sarah Shepard Shaver has her MFA in Theatre Arts: Pedagogy & Performance from Texas Tech University and her BA in Theatre & English from McMurry University. Her theatre resume’ lists more than 19 productions and her professional experience spans over two decades.

Cast and Crew

  • Daniel Salame (Colonel James Arbuthnot)
  • Evan Valeska (Assistant Costumer/Constantine Bouc)
  • Maddison Pace (Countess Elena Andrenyi)
  • Chloe Crail (Greta Ohlsson)
  • Caleb Smith (Head Waiter)
  • Issaiah Culling (Hector MacQueen)
  • Heather Clark (Helen Hubbard)
  • Hazel Fleecs (Hercule Poirot)
  • Shannon Malloy McCrary (Co-Marketing/Mary Debenham)
  • Nickolas Ruiz (Michel the Conductor)
  • Nathan De La Rosa-Wood (Costume Assistant/Princess Dragomiroff)
  • Kevin Jenkins (Samuel Ratchett)
  • Loralei Penumbra (Co-Marketing/Voice of Radio)
  • Gabrial Swafford (Voice of Father)
  • McLain Murphy (Crew/Voice of Nanny)
  • Annastasia Mathews (Costume Designer)
  • Brianna Forbeck (Co-Props Coordinator/Voice of Mother)
  • Cassandra Ferro (Hair and Makeup Design)
  • Chandler Disch (Lighting Designer)
  • Hayden Christensen (Co-Scenic Designer)
  • Jasmyn Madise (Assistant Director)
  • Kaliyah Rau (Stage Manager)
  • Michael Sanchez (Multi-Media)
  • Nicholas Angell (Sound Designer)
  • Nora Gohlke (Co-Props)