by Lance Hinsley, staff writer

What’s a Voting Center?

Voting Centers are jurisdictions approved by local election officials (state, county, city, etc.) that allow voters to cast their ballot in person. These jurisdictions can be sites that are tied to communities such as schools, libraries, or public event centers. One benefit of having voting centers is convenience–the easier it is to vote, more people will do it. The Voter Center practice was first conducted in Larimer County, Colorado. And it’s proven to be successful ever since.




Drop boxes at PPCC

Centennial Campus and Rampart Range both have 1 Drop-Box.








Mail-in voting in Colorado and its efficiency

Apparently, Colorado is the boss of Mail-in voting when America has an election year during a pandemic and opposing criticism. The Kairos of Colorado Mail-in voting capabilities and its efficiency revolves around that time period. I will link the sources pertaining to voting by mail or absentee ballots. However, the data may vary and is only reported on the date of published article. Furthermore, I will gather information on mail voting and absentee ballots in general and subsidize with efficiency of Colorado voting.


Mail voting efficiency sources (data and context in question)


Mail voting general information

The information about mail in ballots seems easy based off the FAQ’s of Colorado Sec. of State website. El Paso County, CO also has general information.








Colorado voting efficiency

Multiple sources confirm that Colorado had the highest voter turnout record in the 2020 election statewide. Reasons is adequate VOTER ACCESSIBILITY (can’t stress that enough) to voter and election information as well as access to absentee ballots and voter polls, curating ballots, and adequate voter registration.




Colorado voter registration process

Voter registration in Colorado doesn’t seem to be hard: Online registration, at least 13 acceptable forms of identification, same day registration on Election Day in-person.