by Nathan Heydenberk, guest writer

Going back to school can be stressful for anyone. Regardless of how prepared you are or how much motivation you have, there may be outside stressors making your college experience more difficult. Whether you are a new or returning student, the Finish What You Started scholarship program is here to help you earn your degree.

What is FWYS? 

With the FWYS scholarship, you can receive a $1,500 scholarship each semester until you have completed your degree. Not sure what you want to do right away? That’s OK because you can change majors and still maintain the scholarship. The scholarship funds are in addition to any other financial aid you receive as well.  Career Services then provides coaches and tutors that will help support you and help you succeed. Aslo, there are workshops available to help you with certain skills regarding time management and more.  

Who Is Eligible? 

Participants must qualify for in-state tuition, have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, be pursuing their first higher education certificate in Colorado, meaning they have not completed a college degree. So, if you started a program at some point, but never finished, you could be eligible. If you meet these requirements, you can contact us at the Career Services Center on the Centennial campus.  


 With all the resources you will receive through this scholarship, you will be prepared to tackle any problem that may come your way throughout your college experience. If you meet the scholarship qualifications, contact us at the career services area on sentential campus. We hope to see you!  

I am a peer mentor for the Finish What You Started scholarship. In my personal experience working here has been great. I can connect with nice people that make every day working here feel better. Currently, we are looking for anybody who would like to work as a peer mentor. You would be getting the scholarship at the same time while you are working. Working here, your needs as a student will always come first and we will try and meet your needs as a student first. You would be paid $14.00 an hour on top of the scholarship. If this sounds like the job for you, come to the learning commons and meet with us for your next steps into becoming a peer mentor.  

You do not have to work as a peer mentor to get the scholarship. Anyone who qualifies can get the scholarship and focus on school. The $1,500 scholarship will help you pay for your tuition to provide you with a steady foundation so you can focus on your classes and finish what you started. We also provide classes you will be taking throughout the scholarship to help with financial literacy, educational wellness, and more! These are designed to help educate and assist you throughout your time here at Pikes Peak State College.  

Finish What You Started is geared towards helping new students at PPSC (Pikes Peak State College) get through their college experience with the resources you need. There are a variety of pier mentors available to help guide you to the facilities that our school provides. Pier mentors will soon be on every campus to help new students. You will be able to schedule an appointment in person or via a Zoom conference. The peer mentors will be there every step of the way to make sure that you are able to succeed and complete your degree.