By Leslie James, Reporter

The Sliding Aardvarks, students in Pikes Peak Community College’s ski and snowboard club, are somewhat easy to envy.

One Saturday a month, skiers meet at 7 a.m. sharp at the Centennial Campus to load the vans and get on the road to enjoy a full day of fresh powder turns. The Sliding Aardvarks carpool together.

“On both trips we had pretty cold temperatures, but the camaraderie was there,” Billie Jo Giles, the club’s faculty sponsor, said of the eight skiers who visited Loveland Ski Area Saturday.

The first outing was to Monarch Mountain on Dec. 1, 2018. 13 students attended. The cost to students and faculty for both trips was $25, which is less than half of what a day pass currently costs.

Many of the skiers are novices and a few are experienced, Giles said, and notices the members are helping each other out on the hill.

The next opportunity for students and faculty to join in on the fun is the Copper Mountain trip on Feb. 16. This trip will cost $35.

The club’s plan is to hit Ski Cooper for the season’s last trip. Day passes will cost $20 and many trails at this ski area are mellow enough to focus on the fun part of skiing, i.e. great snow and great friends, rather than “pizza” and “french fries.”

To join the club:

  • Contact Billie Jo Giles at
  • Pay a $5 membership fee – a one-time only charge.
  • Sign and turn in a travel waiver Giles.