by Ally Archuleta, staff writer

PPSC offers a chance for students to show off their creativity in its literary and arts journal, Parley. Each academic year, various genres of work get published for the student body to see, whether displayed on the Parley website or in print. Submissions go through quality and content assurance to determine what actually gets published.

“Each submission goes through a vetting process, where we determine which works to publish online, and which works to publish in print,” says editor-in-chief Mandy Solomon. “Since the print version of Parley is yearly, we look for works that reflect the current zeitgeist. From there, if selected, the work is edited for publication,” she says.

Students can submit a variety of work such as, “…writing, artwork, photography, and music,” according to the website. New content is regularly published and available on the homepage. “We read through submissions steadily over the course of the [semester],” says Solomon.

The publishing process runs January through April. Each submission after that period will be considered for either the website or the print version in the following academic year.

Students from any PPSC campus who want their work to be seen by an audience are encouraged to submit their work by emailing The deadline is April 1.

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