March starts off with a Full Moon in Virgo (the first in two months!). From there through the 13th, Jupiter is busy rubbing shoulders with Venus, Mercury, and the Sun, which will boost some major mojo for the signs, leading to a surplus of fruitful thinking and self-confidence until the March 8th retrograde (hello contemplations!). The Sun and Neptune as well as Mercury and Venus will be in conjunction, increasing imagination and idealism. And as the Sun sextiles Pluto, determination and vitality will soar. All those ideas that have germinated since mid-February will burst into life by the Spring Equinox.


Tension between Mars (your ruling planet) and Neptune caused some irritability and momentary weakness for you, Aries. And Venus is forcing you to think outside yourself, and do nice deeds for those closest to you. You’ll notice yourself growing more exuberant and energized as you consider the feelings and viewpoints of others. Uranus in your sign is making you wily enough to overcome any obstacles and break some rules (not that you follow anyone else’s code of conduct anyway), though you still need to pace yourself before the Sun enters your sign. The things you started in February will bloom.


Culture yourself Taurus! I already told you about the benefits of linking your brain with some like-minded souls via clubs. From the 1st through the 13th, you will see just how lucky and productive these connections made you. Your appreciation for fine arts is peaking with the Pisces Sun, Mercury, Venus (your ruling planet), and Neptune combo. Thus, you’ve got to be bull-headed about your needs for a short time and visit some art galleries, local theatre, or concerts to revitalize your senses. Just don’t get too self-indulgent (as you are wont to do). Moderation will preserve your high spirits and prepare you for the 20th.


Your mind is still zeroed in on issues related to your vocational calling, and you’re reflecting on them big time. Your inner artiste should let inspiration flow to you with the Mercury-Jupiter trine and Mercury-Venus conjunction. These two potent aspects will expand your viewpoint and harmonize your intellect with your emotions, thus helping you churn out meaningful content instead of your usual literary bluffs of fluff. What are you really trying to accomplish, Gemini? You’ve got an incredible imagination that can lead to a ton of rewards and recognition, if you get over your tendency to self-distract and stay determined.


You’re deeply affected by the lunar cycles, but especially with this one. The Virgo Full Moon on March 1st makes criticism from your superiors torturous. You feel like everyone is deliberately picking on you, and will seek asylum in your defensive shell. It would be wise for you to communicate your concerns (plainly, sans the victim undertones). Harboring resentment hurts you only, remember that. Instead of going maenad mad and hastily casting aside those you believe have wronged you, ask yourself: what am I to learn from this reckoning? Get rid of your tunnel vision and see the bigger picture.


Self-discovery is your theme du jour. You’ll be a beautiful butterfly again soon, I promise. Until that time, get vulnerable and conjoin with someone important (besides yourself) for a serious professional project. Such a bond will help you grow and see the bigger picture of what’s to come. It’s OK for you to do things solo too (all butterflies begin in the cocoon). The first two weeks of March will feel like a rut. Your emotions are still teetering over the edge of extreme, so it’s best for you to stay off the grid — at least until the 20th.


If you ride the moonlight just right and have buddied up to the right people, this lunar swelling can serve as your 2018 inauguration. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in your opposite sign asks you to pay close attention to your affections and reflections without your usual cutting judgement. Don’t be too harsh on yourself or your partner if you can’t communicate as clearly as usual. Try to reorient yourself into your craft. Remember those skills you’ve been long perfecting? They will be at their precision peak at the full moon, and are itching to be put to use.


You’re almost at the close of your self-improvement phase, Libra. Did you delegate the responsibilities of self-care, or did you make those small lifestyle changes I suggested? If things are running smoothly and efficiently, then give yourself a round of applause. If, however, you’re still trying to wrap your head around cost-and-time-effective ways to tackle your list of to-dos, don’t fret: you still have time (19 days to be exact). Just be sure to make up your mind ASAP (I know how much you like to deliberate). Small changes will pack a major punch for you in the long haul.


The 11th promises a major leap in drive and determination. Until that time, have your self-expressive fun and enjoy the spotlight, even if you prefer the shadows. Your passions and hobbies are bringing attention to you in foreign ways (dare I say Scorpio that you are enjoying this time putting yourself out there?). Always the one to challenge yourself, this is the time to experiment with novelty. The intrigue and excitement of newness will propel your brain into its comfortable mode of fixation where you can investigate to your heart’s content. Try not to fall into the deep end, though.


Hibernation is all you know up until the 20th, but Jupiter (your planetary ruler) is doing his thing and showering you with opportunities. Luck is your cosmic heirloom, and through the 13th, you’re letting tradition take over. The women in your life are drawing you into your yin self. Be more receptive to your sensitivity and watch the artistic bounty blossom. You’re feeling nostalgic, hopeful, and intrigued by the upcoming spring equinox. Channel these feelings into more constructive and creative mediums. By the 4th, you’ll be churning out poems, stories, and songs…And you didn’t even have to leave the house!


You’re in the thick of a networking and communication phase, the likes of which will culminate in a lucrative collaboration. A meeting of the minds is imminent! But your busy schedule may thwart this assembly if you’re not too open to keeping your options open. Spread your knowledge and keep your studious intuition tuned into the frequencies of neighboring nobodies. You might come into contact with an allied soul who’s got the flair to help you get your goods out into the world. By the 11th you’ll feel revved up to execute all the business stuff you’ve been talking about.


You’re grounded! Or, at least you should be. Before you launch into making connections and collecting information from random strangers (your favorite pastime), center yourself and your goals for 2018. What did you want to achieve before all the full moon, new moon craziness? No pressure or anything, but you really should surf through your idea index and pick one or two to cultivate. The full moon will give you even more awareness to breakdown the basics of your wishes. On the 2nd, you’ll get enlightened, and on the 11th you’ll be equipped to go forth towards the spring equinox.


You’re feeling extravagant and generous since the Sun entered your sign. That good humor should last you through the entirety of your solar transit, unless you get too hedonistic and shamefaced after you reflect on your birthday revelries (the Jupiter retrograde is the culprit for those considerations). After the full moon, someone may swim into your pond and help you nurture those dreams you’ve been quietly devising. Pour your emotions into your art, but don’t suffer too much for it. Let the trifecta of Jupiter trines lift your spirits and attract some more good fortune until your priorities unconsciously change.

Camille Liptak is the Cosmic Cannibal.