by Ocean Polly Randall, sometimes staff writer

Hollywood’s biggest night of the year — the Oscars — airs on Sunday, but many at PPCC express less than lukewarm enthusiasm for the event.

“I’ve got so much drama in my life right now, I could care less about whether or not Ford v. Ferrari wins Best Picture,” says PPCC student and sometimes selenophile Luna Fortuna. “This Sunday’s Full Moon in Leo is wrecking my social life.”

It’s true, the Hollywood popularity contest known as the Oscars has a celestial foe eclipsing its audience’s attention. 

The Moon, which turns full in Leo at 4:33 am on Sunday, will remain in the fire sign well-past the Oscars after party. 

I spoke with astrology expert and in-house horoscope writer, Cosmic Cannibal, for more information about this prominent lunation.

“It’s no coincidence that the biggest night in Hollywood is being held on the Leo Full Moon. Leo & its astrological 5th House both rule over theatre & the performing arts,” Cosmic gushed, “I just wish I — or anyone below the age of 40 who hasn’t seen every version of Little Women ever made — could give a crap.”

For those that do give a crap (I’m looking at you fans of 1917): The Oscars air Sunday 8e|5p on ABC. 

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